Cut Costs and Enhance Flexibility

Open Packet Broker (OPB) future-proofs your Packet Broker Networks through disaggregation and the SONiC ecosystem, unlocking next-gen hardware and app capabilities without budget surprises

Enhancing Network Traffic Monitoring for Today's Demands

OPB modernizes network traffic monitoring with a software-driven approach using the SONiC Network Operating System (NOS). It's more flexible and scalable than traditional hardware packet brokers. With SONiC Ecosystem and programmable ASICs, OPB efficiently handles network traffic. It grows with your network, offers cost-effective management and security, and provides fast, complete visibility. OPB is ideal for advanced security, analytics, and compliance, marking a new era in network management.

OPB Compatible Platforms

Why Open Packet Broker

60% Cost Reduction

Its software-defined nature seamlessly integrates with the SONiC ecosystem, ensuring flexibility and readiness for future upgrades in speed and capacity. OPB's use of SONiC-compatible hardware and advanced software-defined features dramatically cuts both Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and Operational Expenditures (OpEx), delivering an economical and efficient solution that's fit for both current needs and future developments.

Avoid Application Lock In

OPB transforms packet broker networks, providing freedom from single-vendor ecosystems. This liberation allows for a flexible choice of open-source or third-party applications, enhancing economic efficiency.

Designed for Future Network Evolution

Upgrade from 10 GbE to 400 GbE affordably with OPB. Our packet broker design minimizes costs for speed upgrades, providing an efficient, economical path to higher network speeds. Upgrade smoothly with OPB and achieve top-tier performance without the high costs.

Eliminate Hardware Lock-In

Move beyond the 'black box' perception of traditional network packet brokers. OPB, utilizing the SONiC ecosystem, introduces flexibility and disaggregation, freeing you from hardware lock-in. This innovation changes packet brokers' functionality, making them more cost-effective and adaptable within your network infrastructure.

Risk-Free SONiC Trial

Test SONiC safely with OPB, exploring its features without impacting your critical production network. This cost-saving approach ensures a smooth transition to full deployment once you're confident.

Standardized Network Packet Broker (NPB) Fabric Management

Streamline your Packet Broker Network Management with OPB Fabric Manager. Enjoy a unified, hardware-agnostic control of your network, whether through CLI, REST APIs, or an intuitive GUI. Avoid proprietary restraints and manage your network more efficiently with OPB Fabric Manager's streamlined approach.

Discover Open Packet Broker Capabilities

Open Packet Broker NOS

Open Packet Broker (OPB) stands out as the industry's pioneering software-based, containerized application, leveraging open-source SONiC. This enables monitoring and security tools to access network traffic, providing genuine disaggregation by enabling deployment according to the network operator's preferred Switch/ASIC hardware. OPB efficiently aggregates and filters your network data, channeling only pertinent information to your analytics tools - both modern and legacy. This scalable, cost-effective approach lets you move away from proprietary hardware towards open solutions. While OPB itself doesn't analyze data, it ensures optimal data delivery to your existing tools, enhancing their efficiency.
Open Packet Broker NOS

Network Analytics with Open Packet Broker

Streamline Packet Monitoring Fabric Management and Visibility with a software-defined Controller. FlowVision built on SDN architecture is available as a standalone or OnBox appliance for Flow management and analytics across multiple OPB switches. Leveraging open-source tools, OPBNOS achieves up to 80% TCO reduction for comprehensive network visibility and analysis with solutions like OPB, Arkime, Elasticsearch, and Kibana.
Network Analytics with Open Packet Broker

Subscriber Intelligence & Visibility

The Service Node Appliance, driven by DPDK for swift packet processing and metadata extraction, empowers 5G standalone and 4G/5G packet core networks. It facilitates the correlation of control plane and user plane sessions, supporting advanced functionalities such as filtering, load balancing, and metadata extraction.
Reuse your existing network switches. Save money and the planet.

Upgrade Your Network Smartly

Experience next-level network monitoring with OPB. Our system lets you repurpose old hardware, cutting costs and helping the environment.

Compatible Switches for Network Visibility Fabric

Category OPB License Port speed Port Config SKU
edegecore Base 10GbE 48x10GbE + 6x40GbE AS5812-54X
edegecore Base 25GbE 48x25GbE + 8x100GbE AS7326-56X
edegecore Base 100GbE 32x100GbE AS7726-32X
edegecore Base 100GbE 32x100GbE AS7712-32X
edegecore Base 100GbE 64x100GbE AS7816-64X
nvidia Base 1GbE 48x1GbE + 4x100GbE SN2201
nvidia Base 25GbE 18x25GbE + 4x100GbE SN2010
nvidia Base, Adv-DC, Adv-5G 25GbE 48x25GbE + 12x100GbE SN3420
nvidia Base 100GbE 16x100GbE SN2100
nvidia Base 100GbE 32x100GbE SN2700
nvidia Base, Adv-DC, Adv-5G 100GbE 32x100GbE SN3700C
nvidia Base, Adv-DC, Adv-5G 100GbE 64x100GbE SN3800
nvidia Base, Adv-DC, Adv-5G 400GbE 32x400GbE SN4700
nvidia Base, Adv-DC, Adv-5G 400GbE 64x400GbE SN4600C
DELL Logo Base 100GbE 32x100GbE S5232
DELL Logo Base 25GbE 48x25GbE+8x100GbE S5248

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Cut Costs and Enhance Flexibility Open Packet Broker (OPB) future-proofs your Packet Broker Networks through disaggregation and the SONiC ecosystem,…